Did You Inherit a Home You Don't Want?

Are you looking to sell a property that you have inherited? You may be an “accidental property owner” who never planned on owning the real estate that is now a burden on you.

Maybe your life is too busy to deal with that old house that uncle Joe left you, and you just want the cash out of it quickly. Or maybe you feel too emotionally attached to deal with dozens of showings and insensitive buyers who pick everything apart.

The #1 source of houses we buy are “grandma’s house”. When grandma or grandpa move into a retirement home or have passed away, many families do not desire or want to fix up the old home. The time and/or cost of repairs are just too much for most people. We love buying grandma’s house!

Either way, at First Freedom Properties – We Buy Houses!, we listen to your needs and can help you in the best way possible. We will help you deal with any formalities quickly and tactfully, respect your privacy, and handle the closing at your convenience so you can get your own life back to normal.